SaaS/Subscription business

Modeling a SaaS or subscription business is very different from traditional models. SaaS/subscription companies emphasize relationships over transactions and SaaS companies purchase access rather than products. Our software makes it easy to determine what subscription plans you’ll offer, pricing and prepayment options, and how much to spend on customer acquisition.

SaaS/recurring revenue modeling

Define the subscription term, prepayment term, and churn assumption for each of your SaaS/subscription products. Describe all these elements through simple input form and dropdown menus. Bookings, billings, and recognized revenues are calculated differently for SaaS than for non-recurring business models. Our software calculates, without you having to write any complicated formulas, recognized revenues, deferred revenues, cash flow, and metrics.

Use up-sell billings features to offset churn with increased usage and upgrades. Easily include one-time charges, like installation and setup fees, to your subscription model. Overlay renewals from existing customers simply by adding applicable information for each product.

Add any combination of SaaS/subscription and non-recurring products and services, if applicable for your business.

TIP: Seqnc gives you unmatched flexibility and ease of use for SaaS modeling

SaaS metrics

Seqnc generates a comprehensive forecast of SaaS metrics based on your assumptions: MRR, LTV, CAC, net churn, billings & revenues, subscription billings, and customer net adds. These measures go beyond financial projections and provide actionable insights on how to manage operations.

Total MRR is explained by amounts coming from new customers, existing customer renewals, and upsell. LTV is calculated based on churn and all costs designated as customer acquisition-related are used to calculate your unit economics. Net number of customers shows your new customers and cancellations.

Visualize the impact of churn on your growth and cash projections, and manage operations to meet your goals. Subscription analytics tools show you a snapshot of existing business – Seqnc complements these solutions with a forecast of SaaS metrics so you can plan, compare, and optimize.

TIP: SaaS metrics projections add critical insights on new and expansion billings