Seqnc provides cloud financial modeling and SaaS metrics software that is the easiest, most flexible way for a business to build a fully custom financial model for any type of business – recurring, non-recurring, or a combination.

Complete financial projections

  • Accrual-based P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow forecast
  • Forecast by month for any number of time periods
  • Automatically add quarterly and annual summary in all reports
  • Import custom worksheet to link to software-generated input sheets
  • Input spreadsheet is fully Excel compatible
  • Advanced options to apply accounting rules
  • Automatic calculation of deferred revenues and deferred expenses
  • Sales commissions calculations
  • Add categories and subcategories in products, costs, and operating expenses
  • Custom allocation of commissions and depreciation to categories
  • Line item or category view for P&L
  • SaaS upsell modeling
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation & amortization for fixed assets and depreciable intangible assets
  • Headcount plan by department
  • Automatic calculation of salaries, benefits, and taxes
  • Comprehensive reports downloadable as Excel files

Capital requirements

  • Detailed and summary view of sources and uses of cash
  • Operating shortfall or surplus forecast by month
  • Model preferred and common equity
  • Add one or more term debt, convertible debt (with option to convert to equity or repay), venture debt – with customized terms for each
  • Add one or more lines of credit with option for paydown
  • Model impact of stretching payables and accelerating receivables for each product
  • Automatic calculation of capital required, when cash runs out, when cash drops below a specified minimum balance, and when profitability is achieved

Track business performance

  • Map chart of accounts from your accounting software to line items in your model
  • Forecast to actual comparison for full P&L, full balance sheet, and selected balance sheet items
  • One-click updates to retrieve actual financials from accounting software, match to periods, and calculate variance amount and percentage
  • Generate a rolling forecast that combines actual financials for available periods and forecast financials for future period to show how results for the year is progressing
  • Display tracking chart as default
  • Download and share variance analysis

SaaS/Subscription metrics

  • MRR for all products and services, and for each individual product or service
  • LTV for all products
  • CAC calculated by specifying which costs and expenses, and what percentage, are classified as cost of customer acquisition
  • Subscription billings report to show growth of new, renewal, and recognized revenues from prior periods

Investor & management-ready reports

  • Share reports as downloaded Excel files
  • Invite investors, management, partners, colleagues to your model with defined access privileges
  • Present data in customized period summary formats – for example, show first year by month and only annual totals for subsequent years
  • Add custom analysis like free cash flow, valuation, product-level profitability
  • Variance analysis