Create financial projections for your SaaS or any other business. Easily build yourself or we can do it for you.

Seqnc is for any business

Seqnc is designed to work beautifully for any type of small and medium sized business: SaaS, subscription, ecommerce, consumer, manufacturing, retail and other businesses. Our users have raised capital, secured loans, projected cash requirements, and created budgets to track performance. Start your free trial or Explore how we fit your business.

When to use

Business planning needs and goals change at different stages of development: formation, investment, growth, and exit. Seqnc is a powerful tool for every step. Start with features you need and add as requirements evolve. Test assumptions and compare scenarios to create and share your perfect plan. Ask us how or Start your free trial.

DIY or we can build for you

You need a financial model fast but don’t know where to start? Create a custom model or import one of the templates we offer. Or contact us today and we’d be delighted to help create your financial model. Build your business and do not worry about how to build your model. Start your free trial or Ask us to build.

No finance expertise needed

You'll find our software so easy to use. You don’t need to be a finance pro - though you’ll appreciate the many power features it includes, if you are. Describe your business with intuitive forms and provide sales, expenses, and other assumptions. The process is simple. And we're here to help. Request a demo or Start your free trial.

Create your own spreadsheet

Seqnc creates your own, custom spreadsheet. You don't have to build from scratch or search for a template that works for you. If you have one already, import it easily and use as before. What we do differently is eliminate the need for you to write any formulas for calculations - we automate that part fully. Start your free trial or Ask how this works.